Solatube® Daylighting Systems are designed to control the intensity of daylight by rejecting overwhelming midday sun and reducing glare. They also reflect the true color temperature of the sky conditions outside.

We offer an array of Solatube Effect Lenses to adjust the light intensity and color. For homeowners who prefer less light intensity, the Softening Effect Lens creates a softer, glowing effect. The optional Solatube Daylight Dimmer can also be installed for easy adjustment of room light levels at the touch of a button. The Warm Effect Lens enhances natural daylight by “warming” it, creating a yellowish color similar to incandescent bulbs. Important: Never use standard window tinting or any flammable material to block the incoming light. This is a potential fire hazard.

To adjust both the light intensity and color, the Warm and Softening Effect Lenses may be used together to produce a glowing effect that mimics the color of incandescent lights.