Natural lighting in the kitchen is far more aesthetically pleasing and adds elegance and dynamism to your room. Many homeowners assume traditional lighting is the final step in a kitchen makeover. But with natural lighting, you can take your kitchen to another level.

Additionally, this light array will highlight the decor and other features like granite and marble countertops and wooden cabinets. It provides homeowners with a more natural feeling of being healthier and outside. This spacious effect allows your kitchen to feel wider and more open.

This, in combination with large windows, can really open up the feel, especially with beautiful landscapes around with trees, lakes, hills, and blue skies. The tone difference provides a warm welcome in your home and makes cooking and dinner time more enjoyable.

With natural lighting, stylish traditional lighting fixtures are more visible and stunning and stand out to guests as their eyes will be drawn naturally to well-lit areas. Having natural light also supports a healthier lifestyle and encourages you to spend time cooking healthier meals rather than eating fast and on the go.

Highlights Other Features

Wall coloring, fashionable rugs, stainless steel stovetops, and refrigerators – all of these are amplified under natural skylights. For warm rustic designs, natural lighting is perfect for accentuating an agricultural theme, or worn wood and metal materials. Additionally, with maximum sunlight delivery, you’ll receive outstanding visibility for all cooking, dining, and cleaning activities.

Natural lighting also improves visibility in hallways leading toward your kitchen. This exquisite effect provides a warm welcome to visitors and showcases your remarkable hallway designs.

Ultimate Mold Protection

Let’s face it, mold is every homeowner’s worst nightmare. And rooms with poor lighting often suffer mold and mildew damage, as these microscopic fungi thrive in darker places. With the increase in lighting transferred by Carolina Skylights’ Solatubes, you’ll have sunlight hitting every area of your kitchen, reducing the chance of mildew forming.

Cooking. Family. Health.

Natural lighting has been shown to increase mood, energy, and daily productivity. Its also been shown to improve the quality of sleep. Your kitchen is often the first room you spend time in, so why not flood your cookhouse with vivid natural lighting? It also encourages homeowners to spend more time socializing with friends and family while cooking in the kitchen.

No Cost To Operate

The greatest benefit of natural lighting is that it’s free! Homeowners can save on their electric bills each month and not have to rely on traditional lighting or heaters as solar heat is brought in during the winter. Installation costs are also cost-effective when compared to traditional skylights. Finally, Solatube technology can be installed in any area of your kitchen.

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