The bathroom seems to be the one place in every home where there’s never enough light.

It’s a room that often receives little attention yet requires the best visibility. Many homeowners don’t realize the benefit of installing natural light and the warmth and style that comes with it.

They may feel the need to install windows to add better lighting, but this is costly, as it requires more complex carpentry. Also, not all rooms can accommodate windows.

Natural daylight that is captured and transferred through Solatube® technology lights up the darkness of your bathroom, creating an attractive, yet natural home environment.

Solatube Lighting

Solatube® technology delivers maximum sunlight transfer and illuminates the darkness and serves as a welcome to house guests. ( Pictured above.)

By adding natural lighting, you won’t have a dark, dreary, closet-like room, but a renewed, brilliant space where you and your guests will feel happier.

Main Decor, Showers, and Countertops

A great benefit of natural lighting is its ability to brighten specific objects or areas in the room. Your new countertop flowers and stylish walk-in shower can all be spotlighted by simply having a skylight installed over them for added effect. As a result, this method opens the room and makes it feel wider and more natural.

You can accentuate glistening bathroom tiles, and granite countertops, and produce a beautiful, natural atmosphere in your bathroom ( Pictured above).

Solatube Energy Solution

What’s more, is that Solatubes shine brightly in summer and winter so you won’t have to use extra lights at certain times of the year.

A Healthier Alternative

By improving your bathroom with natural lighting, you can improve your well-being. Solatubes often deliver the natural atmosphere of the outside to the interior of your home. If you or your family tend to feel happier in natural daylight, then Solatube® technology is the solution.

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