In the early days, skylights were unpredictable. It seems everyone had a story about poor installation and performance. But we’ve come a long way. Innovative technology has allowed for better quality and comfort. Many myths still surround skylights and we’ve taken the liberty of dispelling five of them for you here:

Myth #1: All Skylights Will Leak

Today, this couldn’t be further from the truth. In the early days of conventional skylights, poor building materials and installation caused many products to leak, thus causing long-term water damage. Carolina Skylights produces daylight devices that utilize advanced technology. Our seamless, one-piece construction is designed and fitted to work with any roof and relies on tough, steel construction. You won’t have a single leak, ever.

Myth #2: Installing a Skylight is Long And Difficult.

Traditional skylights relied on complex carpentry and were costly to the homeowner. The quality of the installation was also questionable as mentioned above. Tubular skylights require zero structural modifications and require no ceiling repair after installation. This is why they can be fitted to any room of your home. As a result, the full installation process only takes a few hours and is very cost-effective.

Myth #3: Skylights Can’t Regulate Temperature

Skylights have come a long way since their conception. In the early days, they failed to regulate internal temperature as they allowed warm air during summer and released warm air in winter, creating a nightmare for homeowners. Tubular daylight devices have surpassed this outdated technology by using advanced thermal performance which has the capability of stabilizing internal temperatures. Because of this, homeowners can expect to see a reduction in energy bills as the need to use AC and heaters is reduced.

Myth #4: Skylights Let In Too Much Light

Its true, traditional skylights have no off switch. Even though many homeowners feel that a flood of light would benefit them, great deals of light can sometimes be less attractive. But Daylighting Systems offered by Carolina Skylights adapt to spaces of any size and they can be outfitted with specialized add-on kits equipt with dimming and night-time lighting. These options allow homeowners the comfort of selecting how much light enters a room at a given time.

Myth# 5: The Sun Moves. Skylights Can’t.

True of traditional skylights. As the sun would move during the day, early skylights couldn’t accommodate for the change in the light pattern. In other words, the sun moves, but skylights can! But with Solatube technology and a specialized, optical dome installed on the roof, light is captured all day. This even transfer allows homeowners to enjoy daylight in their home consistent with the atmosphere outside.